The Weeping Trees

  • The Weeping Trees

    The Weeping Trees is an illustrated, mixed-media picture book that tells the story of two abandoned plants—one is a vain, young Willow, and the other, an unattractive oak tree. Unfortunately for them, their owner, Mrs. Green, conjoins them using a grafting technique that she performs during a bonsai operation.

     Although Mrs. Green’s intentions were good, thinking the arrangement would make the young willow healthier, the operation produces the opposite effect and the trees become two unhappy parts making up one whole. Now, they must come together to overcome their physical and emotional crises and find out where they belong.

    For The Weeping Trees, the production of illustrations using abandoned objects, old garments, and denim is as important as the storyline. Those materials serve as a metaphor for the feelings and circumstances of the main characters, both of which are socially abandoned and rejected.

Rosa Chang

These days, I've been focused on creating visual art with sustainable textile techniques such as natural dyeing, embroidery, and recycling used clothing. Especially I've been very into the natural indigo dyeing and try to incorporate indigo into my narrative art. I like cactus and succulent plants more than a puppy. I admire how they hold on life in the desert.